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Solar energy, clean energy for a better tomorrow
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Bringing power of the Sun to you

Solar energy, clean energy for a better tomorrow
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We are the Best-In-Class Solar Panels Sydney

AYKA Solar is a member of the Clean Energy Council and one of the leading solar installers in Sydney has to offer. Over the last years, our customers have benefited from investing in our solar panel solutions amongst all the other Solar installers Sydney-based companies. AYKA Solar provides an outstanding installation service Sydney-wide, with high-quality solar panels and inverters performed by highly skilled electricians capable of taking any system size in highly complex conditions of solar panel installations. We offer customized solutions for residential solar and commercial solar projects with a full ten-year workmanship warranty for all of our rooftop PV solar panel installations.

AYKA Solar provides the best prices for customized solar panel systems compared to other solar companies. We assure you; you won’t regret contacting us for your solar panels Sydney solutions.

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Commercial Solar Installation
Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Panels Sydney

Even today, many commercial businesses rely on electricity generated from energy sources that are pretty much non-renewable. Such as energy generated from coal, from burning fossil fuels like petrol or diesel, and more. This eventually proves to be very expensive and eats into profits, and hits long-term growth of the business and revenues.
There are substantial business savings, and the revenue saved can be used for other things within the company or industry. Say you own a small and medium-sized business in Sydney, Australia, and you want to buy new machinery or move to a giant plant and thus expand. You will need a firm backing of money. Save money by going solar, which then you can invest in your business for expansion. So, suppose you have decided to go commercial solar in Sydney, go with AYKA Solar. We assure you will see savings in a massive reduction in electricity bills. The government offers many rebates to any industry or company to install a solar system to help generate power and electricity

Residential Solar Panels Sydney

Installing solar panels are less expensive compared to other energy sources. And in the long run, you will end up saving on your energy bills. While going in for residential solar power systems, you can get rid of your high energy bills, and the value of your home is enhanced.
The best and most precise alternative is using the alternative power source and residential solar panels in Sydney. Just contact the AYKA Solar and get your free quote. AYKA Solar is the one provider or company that can help you out.

Residential Solar Panels
Solar For Home

Best Solar Panels Installations Sydney Wide

We are committed to providing high-quality solar power Sydney services to our loyal Sydney customers. As one of the Australian-owned solar installers companies, all of our solar installations are compliant with Australian Standards and the Clean Energy Council guidelines.

With the growing electricity prices in Sydney, it is wise to move to solar power Sydney, a cost-effective alternative power resource that benefits the environment and your pockets. Whether you’re looking to make the switch for your commercial or residential place in Sydney, AYKA Solar is here to help you in every step of the way to becoming energy efficient.


Things that Matter

Benefits Of Solar Energy

Australian Warranty

At AYKA, our warranty goes beyond solar panels. All products come with a full ten-year workmanship warranty for all of our rooftop PV solar system installations.


Quality Assurance

 We provide the highest quality solar panels with low degradation over time. The solar panels and inverters are all approved by the Clean Energy Council according to Australian standards.


Best Value

If you have been searching to buy the best solar panels at affordable prices, you can put your search to rest as we offer the best price in the market.

Smooth Process

We take a proactive approach to ensure you understand every aspect of your system and offer. Then a smooth process starts from paying the deposit to solar panel installation and after sales service.

We are Building a Sustainable Future

AYKA Solar is the most reputable & experienced solar installer in Sydney with a vision to provide clean energy solutions to more homeowners and business owners. Our ultimate goal is to provide homes all over the country with renewable energy solutions and high-quality solar panel systems. We are gratified for our work as we help our customers take a step towards a greener future for our beautiful country and save money on every single electricity bill.
More Sydney homeowners are turning towards solar power than ever before as they understand the benefits of a clean, renewable energy source. Electricity consumers all over Sydney have experienced a massive increase in their electricity bills in the last few years – and electricity prices are only going to get more expensive with the time. Becoming independent by producing your energy means that not only will you save money on rising electricity bills, but you’ll also be increasing your property value for the future.
Solar energy is a clean, unlimited, and sustainable power generation source that relies purely on sunlight. Rather than burning harmful fossil fuels, solar power depends on a pure resource that does not produce any emissions.
With ample year-round sunshine, Sydney is the ideal location for solar energy and solar panel installation for both commercial and residential properties. Wherever you’re located in Sydney, we will custom-design and tailor a solar power system to take advantage of the sunlight available.

Solar Seamless Process

Switch to solar with AYKA Solar and enjoy the seamless solar installation process.

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Lodging Enquiry

Our installation process begins with a simple enquiry that you need to lodge. Our team of solar experts will evaluate potential of your house roof using our advanced aerial imagery technology and electricity consumption pattern to make a customized quote. We’ll also discuss your property, your current electricity expenses, the solar panels you’re looking for, and how much savings you would like to make with your solar panel system in Sydney. We offer a wide range of solar solutions to suit any large and small-scale sites.

Solar Enquiry

System Design

If your property fits well with Sydney’s solar panels, we’ll design a customized solar energy system for your site. To maximize your energy production with solar, we prioritize creating solar panel systems that are entirely tailored and designed according to your requirements and how much power you plan on generating with your new solar energy systems. Then we will be sending you the quotation for your system. If you find it perfect for your site and see it as you expected it to be, we will be moving ahead with the process. 

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Order Finalization

We move ahead to order finalization. Our solar experts provide you with multiple panels & inverter options to choose from. The team is more than happy to help you with your queries and doubts about solar panels. You can also choose from multiple payment options to suit your cash flow. We are sure that you will proceed with your solar panel system order finalization with us.

Solar Installation


Next, we move to the solar panel installation Sydney process. We are the best solar panel installers Sydney offers. Our solar experts will handle everything within the implementation process, from permits to inspections and interconnection. No matter your system size, we aim to make the installation process as smooth as possible.



Lastly, you’ll be all set up with your new solar power system from AYKA Technologies. After completing the project, we hand over a CCEW (Compliance and Completion of Electrical Work) and other relevant documents. Our back-office team will help you with Smart Meter Application to your retailer and register your warranties with the suitable inverter & panel manufacturer. You’ll notice a massive difference in electricity bill savings immediately.



Once the process is complete for the entire solar panel installation Sydney, we assure your ongoing after-sale support for all your doubts, solar maintenance, and solar power services. Best customer service is our ultimate aim for everything we do; from the initial enquiry lodging to our post-installation support, you can contact us whenever you need any help regarding your solar panel system.

Lower your Electricity bills

Discover the best solar panel system for your home

Electricity bills up to
$300 per quarter:


18 Panels x 370W= 6660W

Tier 1 Panels

Best Quality 5kW Inverter

10 Years of Workmanship Warranty

Electricity bill between
$300 – $500 per quarter:


27 Panels x 370W= 9990W

Tier 1 Panels

Best Quality 8kW Inverter

10 Years of Workmanship Warranty

Electricity bill more than
$500 per quarter:


36 Panels x 370W= 13,320W

Tier 1 Panels

Best Quality 10kW Inverter

10 Years of Workmanship Warranty

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Consultation & Selection

Our friendly solar experts and experienced consultants can help you to find the right solution  for your specific  requirements.

Monitoring Support

Installation & commissioning

It is consequently important that a system is installed and tested as per the commissioning requirement of the network.

Installation Commissioning

Monitoring & Support

Turn on your new solar system and watch as the sun does its job! Our smart monitoring system displays all the information you need.

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