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*Prices include STC incentive and standard installations

*Prices include STC incentive and standard installations

*Prices include STC incentive and standard installations

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Why Should You Go Solar

Save Money

Minimize or eliminate your high energy bills with a customized solar panel system Victoria perfectly suited for your property. All you have to do is find the best solar installers in Victoria and install high-quality solar panels for home. Installing solar panels on roof will help you save the environment as well as money. A 6.6 kW solar system can reduce your energy bills drastically and you can make the most out of solar.


Quality Products

We assure you of the high-quality products and workmanship of your solar power installation Victoria. AYKA is one of the trusted solar companies Victoria has. We use only the best quality solar panel system Victoria, for the best solar panels cost in the market. We assure you our solar panel installation services leave the customer happy and satisfied with the product.


Help The Environment

Solar power system for house helps reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable energy and help you take a step towards saving our environment. AYKA can assure you of a reliable solar panel system Victoria has, with quality workmanship. Install solar system at home with AYKA today!


Good Return On Investment

When a business/house owner considers any big financial investment, it must have a huge return and a short payback period. Solar usually has a payback period of 3 to 6 years, dependent on solar system installation size and financing solution utilized. Call us today and get your Solar panel installation Victoria done.


Why Should You Go AYKA Solar

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Solar Seamless Process

Switch to solar with AYKA Solar and enjoy the seamless solar installation process.

Lodging Enquiry

Lodge your solar system enquiry with us, and our dedicated solar specialists will tailor a unique solar system to your home and electricity usage.


We will match you with your very own installation team comprising of a CEC Accredited Installer & Designer, Electricians, Engineers and Installation Co-ordinator.


After installation, our back-office team will finalise all required paperwork for the connection of your solar system to the grid & register your warranties with inverter & panel manufacturer.


Make your solar investment count and be assured that you are only a phone call away to receive high-quality support for all your future queries.

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Slash Your Up-Front Investment with Government Rebates and Financing Available

The Victoria government has significant solar panels rebate available for homeowners purchasing solar panels Victoria— however, these rebates decrease year after year. At AYKA Solar, we can help you apply for the Victoria solar panel rebate so you can take advantage of the maximum amount you’re eligible for before it’s too late.

We also have financing options to make the investment more manageable for you and your family. The best part is you save so much money on your energy bills, and the weekly out-of-pocket amount will be so small you barely notice it!

Join the movement and Protect the Earth from Pollution by using Solar Energy