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                                                AYKA Solar is a reputable & experienced solar company in Australia, with a vision to provide clean energy solutions to more homeowners and business owners within these eight years Ayka Solar is considered as one of the prestigious leading brands in Australia.

Our ultimate goal is to provide homes all over the country with renewable energy solutions and high-quality solar panel systems.

We are gratified for our work as we help our customers take a step towards a greener future for our beautiful country and save money on every single electricity bill.

With a quality solar system and a 10-year workmanship guarantee, our customers are happier and more power-efficient with AYKA Solar.

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All you need to do is publish our Ads, Banners, Blogs or Videos on your website; you will receive a $20 CPL on your sales order.

Commission Rate/ : $20 per Lead
Cookie Length: 90 Days
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With the growing industry, Ayka Solar is here to offer a fresh usage of solar technology.
Rather than dealing with power generators, Ayka Solar is here to ensure your security.

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