If you’ve ever spoken to anybody from any solar company, you must have heard a similar sales pitch: “Switching to solar will save you hundreds of dollars on energy bills!” But how true is that pitch? That depends upon several factors. Read ahead to find out the breakdown of whether or not a residential solar panel installation is worth it for you.


How much do you pay for your electricity is the number one factor of how much money you’ll save with a residential solar panel installation? 

You currently pay your utility company for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity you utilize, so depending on where you reside, you possibly can be paying anywhere between 22 to 25 cents per kWh.

Whenever you install residential solar panels, you’re pretty much installing a mini power plant on your roof, so that you won’t have to use the electricity produced from the utility company’s power plant. The more you pay for your electrical energy, the more you’ll be capable of saving by installing residential solar panels.


The price of installation will differ depending on the solar company you select to install your residential solar panels. Additionally, keep in mind that cheaper is not necessarily better when it comes to solar. By installing higher-quality residential solar panels, you can expect maximum solar panel efficiency in the future.

Also, there are usually solar incentives available, depending on the place you reside. These incentives can save a lot on your solar panel installation and reduce your solar system cost. Just make sure you research how many incentives you’ll be able to receive for your solar panel installation.


You can choose whether you want to buy or lease your solar panel system. This decision impacts how much you are going to pay for your solar panel installation. Nevertheless, remember that your overall long-term value might be a lot better if you have the cash to buy your solar panel system outright. 

Most solar companies provide solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs). Whereas these options boast no cash up-front and maintenance-free promises, your complete savings eventually ends up less than they would be if you buy a solar system.


Usually, homeowners who get multiple quotes can save 10% or more. You should get quotes from different solar installers to compare the costs of equipment and installation. Additionally, remember to find out what equipment is being installed, which brands are being installed, and post-installation support of each company you receive a quote from. 

If you’re looking for a cost-saving solar panel system with maximum solar panel efficiency, look no further than our residential solar panels in Australia. With electricity prices increasing year on year, solar energy is a perfect choice for those looking to cut back on spending.

We at AYKA Solar, provide high-quality tier-1 panels that are suited to your energy requirements and 10- years workmanship warranty on our solar panel installation. With sturdy, energy-efficient panels with a 25-year performance warranty and plenty of sunshine, you can be assured to see a return on your investment very quickly!

A solar energy system is a large investment for your property and must be designed to provide you with several advantages for years to come.

Installing residential solar panels doesn’t have to be a tiring and confusing process. We can assist! We will answer each of your questions and make the installation process easy. Contact us today and get a residential solar panel quote.

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