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Grid Connected Solar System: The Best In Australia

Explore the varied range of grid connected solar system available in Australia in 2022 @ Affordable Cost. Take just two steps to sustainability.

Convert Bright Sunshine Into Electricity

A grid connected solar system is the most common and one of the most highly installed types of panels in Australia.

These systems are connected to the electric utility grid. They are also commonly called as an On-Grid Solar System. An on-grid solar system typically does not need a storage battery as the excess power will always be sent back to the grid. 

In an on-grid solar system, the power generated by the solar PV panels is consumed by the household equipment then and there itself. The excess of whatever the Solar PV generates will be fed to the grid. When we sell the excess energy generated from our solar PV to the utility company of the electricity provider it is called Net-metering.


So how will an a grid connected solar system work without storing in a battery?

The extra power which will be sent to the grid will be utilized during the nighttime. It is a simple idea of giving and taking. Giving when you are in excess and taking when you require it. 

When considering these systems, you will only be spending less as the generated power will be a lot more when compared to what you are consuming at night. 

With the hike in the prices of electricity from the grid that is from your electricity provider, I guess it is the best time to invest in an on-grid solar system. 

If you are living in an area where there is some amount of shading on your solar panels or that you do not have proper sunlight in the area, then the best action plan is to invest in an on-grid solar system. See what the Australian Government is doing to strengthen its stand with sustainability.

Why is an on-grid solar system the most happening and the most beneficial type of solar system installation in Australia?

3 reasons why you should invest in an on-grid solar system.

  1. An on-grid solar system is an easy-to-install solar PV panel system that requires a very small number of panels, wires, and an inverter to convert the electricity generated from the PV to your house.
  2. Consider the initial cost of the Solar Panel system. Haven’t I told you they are very easy to set up? Besides that, they are also accompanied by very minimum set-up charges and equipment when compared to other types of solar systems like hybrid and off-grid systems. An operation cost of a solar panel is negligible in comparison to the extended warranty of up to 20 to 25 years. A one-time investment.
  3. Reliability and flexibility: Say for example, if you have the problem of shading or some other factors or obstacles that will hinder or affect the efficiency of the panel, then to cope with the loss due to efficiency, you can rely on the grid. With so many types of designs and brands available, you can customise based on your liking, needs, energy requirement and budget.

When there are so many advantages in the line we must also not forget that the on-grid solar system will come with its own set of disadvantages. 


  • With an on-grid solar system, it is like stepping into two boats at a time and you are present in both the places. This means even with the Solar Panel you are partly self-sufficient as you are dependent on the grid. 
  • The major disadvantage I would say is that in an on-grid solar system with no sunlight there is no power generated by your solar system; this means that you have to be dependent on the grid for your power requirements.
  • If there is some problem with the electricity provided during the nighttime then you will be left with no power even when you are generating your electricity during the daytime. There is a constant need and tension when worrying about blackouts and low shedding.

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