The Difference Between Power Optimisers and Micro-inverters

Power Optimisers Vs Micro-Inverters

String Inverters The Direct Current (DC) your solar panels generate is transmitted to a string solar inverter in traditional solar energy systems. Then the DC power is converted into AC power, which is then utilised by appliances in your house or exported back to the utility grid. Fronius Symo is an example of traditional string […]

What Are String Inverter Systems?

Benefits Of String Inverter Systems

In the solar energy business, wiring sets of individual solar panels are collectively known as “string”. A string solar inverter converts the direct current (DC electricity) in strings of panels into usable alternating current (AC electricity) your house appliances use.    String inverters are often known as “central inverters”. They’ve been around for decades, are […]

What is the Difference Between Single Phase and Three Phase Power?

Single Phase Vs Three Phase Power

You might be shocked to know that the type of power supplied to your house or company can affect what kind of solar power system will best fit your requirements. While both single phase and three-phase houses and organizations can install solar, your phase-type will determine the type and size of solar inverter the electricity network operator allows you […]

If You Have Three-Phase Power, Do You Need a Three-Phase Inverter?

Three-Phase Power With Three-Phase Inverter

Lots of Australian homes have a single-phase power supply, which indicates they have one live wire coming in from the grid. Some houses, nevertheless, have a three-phase power, with 3 live wires pulling power from the grid. A three-phase home can pull more power from the grid, which works if your house requires larger loads […]

How To Buy The Best Solar Inverter?

Best Solar Inverter In Sydney

Are you aiming to go solar or upgrade an existing system? The inverter is the device that transforms power from the solar panels into usable energy for your house. It’s normally one of the most intricate parts of a house’s solar system and frequently the first component to stop working. What does a solar inverter […]

Types of Solar Inverters And Its Applications

Solar Inverters And Its Applications

Types Of Solar Inverters: Nowadays, the necessity of using renewable sources like solar has increased. A solar inverter is a standard inverter but uses energy from the Sun that is solar energy—this type of inverter aids in changing the DC into AC using solar power.  What is a Solar Inverter? The Solar Inverter is an […]

Can Solar Help During a Power Outage? How to stay cool and calm when the Power Cuts Out

Solar Panel

Yes, Solar panels can work during a power outage when paired with solar battery storage.  Solar battery storage keeps your solar system Sydney working during an energy outage with reliable, renewable solar power. When you take the plunge into solar energy, you want to have a partner that can give you expertise and savings. At AYKA Solar, […]