Going Solar Accommodates Your Sustainable Lifestyle

Going solar accommodates your sustainable lifestyle? The global warming crisis is alarming people worldwide and making us aware of adopting greener lifestyles. One of many keys to sustainable living is reduced dependence on fossil fuels. Solar energy system is an ideal method to transform into cleaner household energy consumption and achieve energy independence within the […]

Go Solar in 2021 with Four Easy Steps

Go Solar In 2021 With 4 Easy Steps

For homeowners considering adding photovoltaic solar panels to their houses or businesses, 2021 has already gotten off to a great start. You can still take advantage of the Government’s solar incentives. Many owners of residential and commercial properties are ready to go solar and reap the benefits.  Switching to solar energy can be done in […]

Top 3 Things to Think about Before Expanding Your Solar Energy System

Expanding Solar Energy System

When you’re welcoming a new family member, or your solar energy system is no longer meeting your current electricity requirements, expanding your solar energy system might be an effective way to deal with growing electricity bills and maximise your current solar panel savings. Whether it’s financially feasible or not will depend upon several factors, including your current […]

How much does roof orientation and angle matter for your solar panel production?

Does Roof Angle Affect Solar Panel Production?

Many people misunderstand  that they can’t install solar for their homes for various reasons, whether because of their roof material,  location, shade, or size of their roofs.  Many factors make a roof more or less appropriate, but while some roof characteristics  make them a complete no-no for installations, other factors have a minimal effect on […]

What Is Half-Cut Solar Cell Technology?

How Do Half-Cut Solar Cell Panels Work?

REC Solar pioneered half-cut solar cells in 2014 and was designed to increase the solar panel output. In this article, we will learn more about how they work below, but you can think of a half-cut cell as two separate panels in one. We will explain how half-cut solar panels work, why their design improves standard solar […]

Why Should You Install a Solar Energy System?

Solar Energy System In Sydney

Solar energy system has become the trend amongst Australian households, many people still don’t have a clear understanding of the importance and benefits of solar power. As solar companies, it is important for us to show customers the importance of solar panel installation, as we explain the solar energy benefits. SOLAR IS CLEAR AND SAFE […]

The Difference Between Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar Energy

Difference Between Off-Grid And On-Grid Solar Energy

When you decide to install a solar power system for your property, you need to make many decisions. And since you’re buying systems that will last several years, you wish to make the ideal choices. We will be able to guide you through these choices to get you the best system for your circumstance if […]


Finest Solar Power System In Sydney!

Solar Panels are the main component of your solar power system, and the same holds true for any other technology purchase– you get what you pay for. AYKA Solar assures you the finest solar power system in Sydney, and is among the most trusted solar companies in Sydney. We have installed thousands of solar panels for households […]

What Issues Would I Face if I Install a Cheap Solar System In Sydney?

Solar System In Sydney

Solar System In Sydney is facing a price war at the moment. We are now seeing several solar installers who offer cheap solar systems and poor installation services to win business. You would think that buying a cheap solar system will be a good thing, but it’s turning into an absolute disaster. Several dodgy solar installers […]

Can I Install My Solar System In Winter?

Can I Install My Solar System In Winter?

When most people think about solar energy, they picture their solar panels Sydney producing maximum power under the summer sun. Due to this, some may think it’s better to install solar panels in the summer than in the fall or winter. But even though solar panels generate more electricity in the summer, this isn’t necessarily the case. […]