Get Free Solar Panels From ACT Government

The ACT government has announced a sustainable housing scheme, and we are pleased to announce that we have been selected as a preferred partner. As the effects of climate change become more apparent, the ACT government developed a plan with the community to take meaningful action in this way, not only to limit their contribution […]

ACT’S Sustainable Household Scheme- Interest-Free Loans for Energy Efficient Home Upgrades


For those Aussies residing in the ACT and interested in installing a solar energy system, we’ve great news for you! The Australian Capital Territory Government has introduced Brighte as its finance partner for the Sustainable Household Scheme. What’s the Sustainable Household Scheme? The ACT’s Sustainable Household Scheme was introduced to provide Aussies with no-interest loans […]

Power Purchase Agreements: Pros and Cons

Solar Finacing

While investing in a commercial solar system, it is important to look at every financial benefit you receive. We are here to focus on Power Purchase Agreements. It is very important to weigh the pros and cons of each choice for your specific needs. We are here to assist every step of the way. What […]

Solar Financing for Businesses: Everything You Need to Know

Solar Financing In Sydney

Solar panels usually make a bold but legitimate claim of decreasing your company’s energy bills by a substantial margin. Many businesses notice that power bills can get too costly and are hopping on the solar power bandwagon. Why is solar energy important for your business? Excellent return on investment with solar energy When you think […]