Read this before you install GoodWe Solar Inverters in Australia

Goodwe, a Chinese brand was founded in the year 2010 and it entered the Australian market in 2012. Globally, PV installations reached around 15GW across 100 countries. Goodwe Solar Inverters in Sydney NSW is recognized as the leading string solar inverter manufacturer due to its trustworthiness. They are particularly well known for their quality, service […]

Does solar inverter re-sizing improve your solar panel efficiency?

The efficiency of the system is the key factor in ensuring the best use of your device. Whether it is your battery, panel, or inverter, each of them has its own efficiency rate. The efficiency of the inverter is totally dependent on the efficiency of the solar panel that has been installed. An inverter converts […]

The Difference Between Power Optimisers and Micro-inverters

Power Optimisers Vs Micro-Inverters

String Inverters The Direct Current (DC) your solar panels generate is transmitted to a string solar inverter in traditional solar energy systems. Then the DC power is converted into AC power, which is then utilised by appliances in your house or exported back to the utility grid. Fronius Symo is an example of traditional string […]