Installing Solar Panels

Are you thinking of installing solar panels but looking for a definitive answer about solar panel installation cost? AYKA Solar has broken down the factors that affect your cost of solar panel installation, so you can get a rough estimate of how much it costs to install solar in 2021. Various aspects affect the answer to ” […]

How good are Canadian solar panels for your house?

Canadian Solar Panels- How Good Are They?

Who are Canadian solar panels? Canadian Solar had been a major participant in the solar industry since 2001. As of 2020, this Chinese solar brand has over 12,000 employees spanning the globe and is now the 5th largest solar panel producer today. The Canadian Solar PV modules are a well-liked choice for householders and commercial-scale […]

Q CELLS vs Trina Solar Panels : Which Panels Are Best?

Q Cells Vs Trina Solar Panels- Best For You?

Q Cells and Trina Solar stand as the world’s largest and most acknowledged solar panel manufacturers. Both provide high-efficiency solar panel systems backed by their over 40 years combined expertise within the solar photovoltaic area at a reasonable price. Both producers provide modules for residential and commercial installations amongst their various product line choices. These choices include monocrystalline, […]

What is Solar Panel Efficiency?

Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency refers to the percentage of sunlight converted into electrical energy by solar panels. Also called the “conversion rate,” solar panel efficiency is among the key things to think about when buying solar panels, as this could indicate how much solar energy, you’ll be getting out of your solar energy system. High Solar […]

Top Reasons Why You Should Go Solar Before 2022

Go Solar Before 2022

Have you ever been questioning whether or not you must leap over to solar before 2022? Some causes for doing so are obvious, such as cleaning up the environment. However, there could also be other stuff you haven’t thought of. Like every huge decision, you should always see the advantages of doing it. Listed below […]

Why Spring 2021 Is the Perfect Time to Install Solar Panels

Solar Panels In Spring 2021

If you’ve been interested in taking the leap and investing in a solar energy system, you might have been waiting for the perfect time to get started. With spring here, it won’t take long for things to start heating up and for our air conditioners to get a serious workout.  It might shock you to […]

How Solar Can Prevent Your Bill from Spiking During Summer

How Solar Can Prevent Your Bill From Spiking During Summer

While the summer season has many great qualities, one thing most do not look forward to is the spike in our electrical energy bills. It is during this season when we tend to increase using air conditioners significantly. With often scorching hot days in a row, households can find they’ve kept their AC on for […]

How Solar Panels Affect Your Property

Solar Panels Affects On Property

Are you worried in regards to the minor issues that most solar panel companies don’t discuss? The unusual questions that need to be asked but don’t? We are here to answer all your questions that have been on your mind regarding solar panel installation how does it affect your house! Installing solar panels in Sydney […]

Getting High Energy Bills Even After Installing a Solar Panel System?

Solar Panel System

Solar panel system is known to most Australian homeowners, and that for a house it is one of the best options yet for reducing your high energy bills and saving money on your long-term electricity expenses. But the important topic isn’t talked about quite so much; that is what to expect from your energy bills after […]

Solar Panel Quotes Can Vary Vastly, Here’s Why

Difference In Solar Panel Quotes

The most effective thing to do whenever you’re looking to buy your own solar energy system is to ask for a sales quote from various solar panel companies, rather than simply the one. This way, you’ll get a better understanding of what you get for your money and if you’re receiving a good value. Of […]