How Do I Maximise Solar Panel Efficiency?

Solar Panel Efficiency

Maximise your solar panel efficiency- Solar energy is sustainable because solar panels produce renewable and clean energy compared to non-renewable electricity, which is made from fossil fuels.  Solar energy is an eco-friendly energy source because its generation does not emit greenhouse gases into the air and water and reduces our carbon footprint. Greenhouse gases are […]

Are Solar Panels Recyclable Or Are They Toxic To The Environment?

Solar Panels Recyclable

The Lifetime of Solar Panels How long do solar panels last? Most people have this question in their minds when they consider installing solar panels in Sydney. According to studies, the average life expectancy of solar panels is about 20-25 years before decommissioning. During the life of solar panels, a 20 percent decrease in power capacity could occur. Between the […]

How much time Does it Take to Install Solar Panels Sydney with AYKA Solar?

Install Solar Panels Sydney

The entire process for installing solar panels Sydney and getting them approved isn’t an overnight process. Each procedure takes time. The time for each process varies depending on the suburb you live in, your solar company Sydney, the solar panels you choose according to your requirements, and how many other people are installing solar panels. These are the […]

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need? Does Solar Panel Size affect Output?

Solar Panels In Sydney

Deciding how many solar panels Sydney you’ll need for your house means first knowing your goals. Do you aim to minimize your carbon footprint on the environment? Maximize your return on your investment? Reduce your high energy bills? Most people want to save money while reducing the damage to the environment. There are few factors to calculate […]

What are the Steps to Clean Solar Panels Sydney?

Solar Cleaning Service

Solar panels Sydney on your roof are easy to install and require nearly no care over the year. But still, stubborn dust, dirt, and leaves find their way onto your solar panels and soil the surface. Although rain can wash away some dirt, relying on annual rainfall will not guarantee a clean and spotless solar panel. […]

Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

Solar Panels

Solar panels with different temperature Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, no matter the weather. During the day, they absorb energy from the sun’s abundant light rather than its heat. Solar panels Sydney turn sunlight into electricity even in below-freezing weather. Cold climates are best for solar panel efficiency. So as long as sunlight is hitting your […]

Lifespan of Solar Panels

Solar Panels In Sydney

Homeowners and business owners around Australia are continuously looking forward to making their lifestyle more sustainable by installing solar panels Sydney. To evaluate whether your solar system is worth the investment helps to understand the average life span of solar cell panels.  The average lifespan of solar panels Sydney is 25-30 years. Solar panels have a useful lifetime, […]

What are the Pros and Cons of DIY Solar Panel Installation?

Diy Solar Panel Installation

There are many benefits to going solar. Some people prefer to use clean, renewable energy, and others find it convenient to rely on a private solar company Sydney. There are numerous benefits to going solar, including reducing your expenses, saving money on your heating/cooling bills, combating global climate change by avoiding harmful gas emissions from power […]

Do Solar Panels Sydney Increase your Property value?

Solar Panels In Sydney

Solar power is renewable and one of the most popular sources of energy. For some customers, buying a solar system Sydney upfront can cause a hefty amount; its benefits and savings generate a great return on investment in the long run for you. Along with that, you can also be sure about your increased property value. How much […]

What Is The Right Direction to Place Your Solar Panels Sydney?

Solar Panel Direction

People by now know very evidently that solar panels Sydney are benefitting for their home, and that is the reason for the increased rooftop installation of solar in Sydney. You are reducing your energy bills and helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.  We are sure if you have made your decision to go solar, you […]