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Financial benefits:

  • Lease options available
  • $0* upfront
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Potential tax benefits
  • 10 years limited workmanship warranty
Commercial Solar

| Commercial Solar Systems

AYKA Solar, with services across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, ACT and Newcastle, is one of Australia’s experienced Commercial Solar Power providers.

We emphasise the commercial advantages when providing you with the knowledge you’ll want to make an investment choice. We’ll provide a completely customised proposal that considers your electricity consumption profile, your present and future electricity bills, plus a full assessment of your facilities suitability for commercial solar power.

Installing a Commercial Solar Energy system represents a solution that may reduce electricity bills instantly and considerably lower business risk in the future. Solar energy is a big aspect of any business sustainability program.

Commercial Solar Installation Australia

In addition to helping the planet, the commercial solar installation provides businesses with a competitive edge. You’ll generate free energy for your solar system’s entire lifecycle, making a commercial solar system one of the most rewarding investments. 

AYKA Solar is an expert in the solar industry and has installed several commercial solar systems throughout Australia for all sectors.


Now is the time to go Commercial Solar for your business!

Solar technology is well-known and proven to work reliably. Your organization’s bottom line has the potential to grow via lower energy payments. Going Solar reveals a dedication to sustainability and the company’s social duty, which provides a boost to the image of any business.

Now’s the time to jump aboard and reap the benefits of the numerous advantages of commercial solar systems! We have provided Commercial Solar installations up to 200kW. Solar power systems are a proven way to improve your sustainability and profitability.

That is the main reason why commercial solar panel installations in Australia are becoming more popular!

Commercial Solar

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Small & Medium Businesses

39.3 kW
  • 101 Panels x 390W= 39,390W
  • Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality Inverter Up To 29.9kW
  • Dedicated Post-Installation Support

Large Corporations

57.7 kW
  • 148 Panels x 390W= 57,720W
  • Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality Inverter Up To 50kW
  • Dedicated Post-Installation Support

Power Guzzlers

99.8 kW
  • 256 Panels x 390W= 99,840W
  • Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality Inverter Up To 100kW
  • Dedicated Post-Installation Support

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