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Growatt Inverters

Are Growatt Inverters the best in the Australian market in 2022?

Growatt inverter is dedicated to providing world-class solar inverters and solar solutions to customers around the world. Shenzhen, China, is where the company is headquartered and was founded in 2011. It has grown rapidly in recent years. It is now a leading global supplier of growatt inverters, growatt solar solutions, and other related products.

Growatt- The leading brand:

Growatt was already the third largest PV inverter supplier globally in 2021, according to Frost & Sullivan. They were also ranked the world’s largest supplier of user-side energy storage inverters in terms of shipment volume. Also, they are ranked as the number one residential inverter supplier globally.

  • Growatt’s products are used in a wide range of applications including residential, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale solar power plants.
  • Growatt has a strong R&D team that is constantly innovating and developing cutting-edge products. This is to meet the ever-changing needs of the solar industry.
  • Their products are backed by a comprehensive warranty program. Their customer service team is available 24/7 to provide support.
  • The brand is dedicated to providing the most reliable possible products and services to its customers. It is committed to helping its customers meet their renewable energy goals.

The CEC accreditation, efficiency and features:

Growatt inverters are CEC approved. They have a huge variety of products covering several power ranges and configurations. We can see that Growatt has both single-phase and three-phase inverters on the market. The single-faced inverters either have 1 or 2 Maximum Power Point Tracking or MPPTs. The three-faced inverters have 2MPPTs. 

They are well known for their high efficiency, as they do not have transformers in them. They are well known for their sleek, tailored designs, touch keys and organic LED displays.

A typical residential solar inverter from Growatt has an efficiency range of 95-98.4%. The highest efficiency was noted in the Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-XH with 98.4% efficiency.


Growatt Inverters

Growatt inverters are one of the most prevalent brands of solar inverters in demand.

  • These inverters are known for their quality, reliability, and efficiency.
  • Growatt inverters are designed to work with both grid-tied and off-grid PV systems.
  • They can be configured to work with a variety of different panel sizes.
  • These inverters are also very user-friendly, with clear displays and simple controls.
  • Additionally, they also offer a wide range of accessories to go with their inverters. This includes batteries, charge controllers, and monitoring systems.

For these reasons, Growatt inverters are an excellent choice. Especially for those looking to invest in an efficient and budget-friendly solar system.

Cost of Growatt inverters:

Growatt inverters’ prices typically range from $310 to $600. It is also necessary for you to know that this cost range is purely dependent on the type of inverter you are looking for. The main website gives an elaborate idea of each item manufactured by Growatt.

If you are not sure about which type of inverter to choose, it is best to take the advice of a CEC-accredited solar installer or retailer. AYKA Solar is a Growatt Inverter Dealer who can guide you through the entire installation process. There have a wide variety of options to choose from and it is not exclusive to inverters.

They are also the most reliable dealers for solar panels and solar batteries and can customise based on your needs and requirements. Every order is customised and well-tailored to fit your home or business.

A high-quality inverter like Growatt is a much-needed investment when comparing the cost of PV panel installation.

Advantages and disadvantages of Growatt PV system inverters


  • 1. Prices: The prices are evenly distributed. There is a huge range of inverters to choose from and they even have low-price options for budget buyers. There is no doubt that it is one of the cheapest and highest quality solar inverters.
  • 2. Efficiency: Even though they are not expensive, they do not compromise efficiency. They have the highest efficiency of all the inverters on the market.
  • 3. Warranty: They have a 10-year warranty on their products. They even have the best return on investment and sleek designs.


The Growatt inverter has very few or just a couple of disadvantages. I do not have an account of how well they work in extreme climatic conditions. The terms and conditions are not that elaborate. Such a small flaw can be easily filled up by an exemplary photovoltaic system installer or retailer.

Warranty on Growatt inverters:

A typical warranty for their inverter is 5 years and can be extended up to 10 years. The warranty is a quick read, consisting of only one page of all their terms and conditions. The extension of the warranty applies to people who register on Growatt’s official website.

You are also liable for replacement or repair in case of defective products. For complete details about the warranty and which claims are handled by the manufacturers and which ones are handled by the installers, it is advisable to contact a reliable PV system installer, like AYKA Solar.

Investing in a top-quality photovoltaic panel and the most reliable solar installer will help you resolve most of these minor issues that every consumer comes across. Discover all your options when it comes to solar installations, advice, and other services from AYKA solar

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