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Solar Panels

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We maintain a happy customer record with a rating of 5* on Google reviews

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We are an accredited member of the Clean Energy Council


We offer 10 Year Workmanship warranty

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Unique Selling Point

Unlike other solar marketing companies, AYKA Solar believes in superior installation quality and hence has its own installation teams. 

These teams are trained to follow the stringent AYKA Installation Standards. 

This gives all our solar customers the most satisfactory installation and peace of mind.

Avoid The Solar Scammers and Get a Premium System Installed Contact Free by Experienced and Qualified Experts

The popularity of solar power systems has given rise to a horde of unlicensed and unqualified providers, all of whom lack the knowledge and expertise needed to install a system that runs efficiently safely.

These greedy rip-off merchants will do anything to make a quick dollar at your expense – from using unregistered, duplicate panels to unsafe and incomplete installations. Worst of all, they often go out of business after a few years, leaving you with a poor-quality system and a warranty that means absolutely nothing.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels
Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Slash Your Up-Front Investment with Government Rebates and Financing Available

The NSW government has significant rebates available for homeowners purchasing solar panels — however, these rebates decrease year after year. At AYKA Solar, we can help you apply for the rebate so you can take advantage of the maximum amount you’re eligible for before it’s too late.

We also have financing options to make the investment more manageable for you and your family. The best part is you save so much money on your energy bills, and the weekly out-of-pocket amount will be so small you barely notice it!

Solar Panels


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Find Out How Much You Can Save By Switching To Solar

Want Huge Savings On Your Electricity Bills?

Find Out How Much You Can Save By Switching To Solar

Want Huge Savings On Your Electricity Bills?

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