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Solar Panel Installation

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Solar Panel Installation

Residential Solar Systems

  • They are designed to provide solar energy for a home and are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a clean and renewable source of energy.
  • They can be grid-connected or off-grid. Grid-connected systems are connected to the electricity grid and can provide solar energy to your home and the grid. Off-grid systems are not connected to the grid and store the excess solar energy in batteries. 
  • A typical residential solar system consists of solar panels, an inverter, batteries, and a monitoring system. 
  • If you’re considering going solar, you should do so unhesitatingly, as Australia gets an exceptionally high amount of solar radiation.
  • It is also an exceptional route to dilute your electricity bill and make it a 0!

Commercial Solar Systems

  • They are designed to provide solar energy for businesses, including commercial complexes, factories, offices and stores.
  • Commercial solar systems help you gain tax credits and energy savings, thereby increasing your commercial property value.
  • Helps reduce greenhouse gasses and carbon footprint of your company making your business ethical and environment friendly.
  • Besides that, you also contribute to the economical growth of your business and not jeopardize the safety of the environment.
  • Every rooftop type comes with its own solution when it comes to our personalized installations.
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You’re not alone if you feel that your search for a quality certified solar installer is going nowhere! Every day more and more Australians are switching to solar and they all face the same issue. Thankfully, now that you’ve found our page, you can rest easy! AYKA Solar is Australia’s leading team of solar experts that provide you with the most reliable solar system installation services and free lifelong maintenance.

Installing a solar system can reduce your annual bill by thousands of dollars hence the massive shift of Australians towards solar! An increasing interest in renewable energy alliance means that as the demand for solar technology increases, the installation costs become a lot cheaper. Thanks to the various initiatives by the Australian government, your solar installation costs now can be reduced by up to 40%. These cost-effective solar solutions in the market right now mean that there’s no better time to invest in solar for your property. At AYKA solar, we’re the most trusted and valued solar suppliers in Australia, with over 10+ years of experience and 9000+ fulfilled customers. Our solar installations come in a wide range of sizes and customisations, allowing our engineering experts to cater to both residential and commercial projects. We also have some amazing deals on our premium solar panels, making us the top-value solar installer in the country.

Solar Panel Installation in Australia

The number of property owners who are switching to solar are increasing day-by-day as the electricity rates continue to soar. At least two million Australians have installed some form of solar technology – be it solar panels, solar batteries or other alternative renewable energy sources.

Furthermore, the increase in electricity rates has created an interest in Australians to become power independent i.e not being dependent on the government for their daily energy needs. The environmental benefits of using solar and the ever-increasing electricity rates are some of the major reasons why solar installation is only going to be more valuable in the coming future.

AYKA Solar is honored to be one of Australia’s longest and most qualified solar system providers that is trusted and rated for over ten years! We offer the best solar services and products all across Australia. We work across a wide variety of commercial and domestic sites in the country, and provide personalized solar solutions to meet various client demands. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide sustainable renewable energy solutions and high-quality solar panel systems across the country.

What are The Benefits of a Solar Panel Installation?


A solar installation can reduce your dependence on the power grid thereby saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually. One thing to note is that the savings will differ location wise. However, no matter where you live, you can always take pride in the fact that you have availed the best possible price on your solar installation from AYKA.


On top of saving money, solar systems also play their part in protecting the environment as solar power is a form of renewable and sustainable energy. By becoming less dependent on the grid for your power supply, you unintentionally reduce the demand for fossil fuels. Not to forget the fact that once installed, solar system installations can last upto 30 years – another reason as to why Australians are going solar.


Of course a solar system greatly impacts your carbon footprint! But if you think that’s the only perk you’ll get, think twice! Solar rebates offered by the government and the feed-in tariffs will help you keep your savings to the maximum.


While the initial investment might look expensive, the return of investment (ROI) is way higher than what you invested. Once you complete your payback period, your solar system will not only increase the property value of your house but will also continue to transform into a net-positive financial investment that will keep on generating returns for your property.

How Much Does a Solar Installation Cost?

Solar installation prices depend on the size of the system you wish to install. You may have to pay anywhere from $2,900 to $10,000 for the installation. Though the price may seem a lot at first, you should remember that installing a solar system is a long-term investment rather than a one-time expense.

Thanks to various government initiatives, you can avail a solar panel rebate for upto 50% of the cost of the installation. Not to forget the annual savings that you’ll make on your electricity bills as they’ll pay for themselves in about three to five years. And lastly, you can always sell your excess electricity to your power supplier.

When using solar, multiple factors will affect your electricity savings every year, but here’s what you should expect: 

The yearly savings depend on the size of your installed solar system . The annual savings can range anywhere between $690 to $3500. Larger the size better is the savings.

Solar Panel Installation

What Should I Look for In a Solar Installation Company?

Your solar needs will depend on your personal means such as the location of your site, its roof size and positioning, your budget and what do you wish to achieve with the system. The solar installation company you select should be able to provide you with a wide range of products that best suit your needs whilst also detailing the estimated cost.

Given that installing a solar system is a huge investment, you should only choose the best solar installers that are well-experienced and know their customers’ needs. They should also have a proven track record of success to prove that they can be trusted. And lastly, they should also provide their customers with quality products and installations that come with extended life warranties.

When it comes to AYKA, we’re one of the veteran solar suppliers in Australia. For well over 10 years, we’ve been helping home-owners and businesses save huge amounts of money with our reliable and latest solar systems. We’ve already completed 50,000+ solar installations across the nation and are well on our way to become the largest solar panel supplier in the country.

Doesn’t matter if you need a new installation or some minor solar repair, AYKA has got you covered!

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  • Australian Warranty

    At AYKA, our warranty goes beyond solar panels. All installations come with a full ten-year workmanship warranty for all of our rooftop PV solar system installations.

  • Quality Assurance

    We provide the highest quality solar panels with low degradation over time. The solar panels and inverters are all approved by the Clean Energy Council according to Australian standards.

  • Best Value

    If you have been searching to buy the best solar panels at affordable prices, you can put your search to rest as we offer the best price in the market.

  • Smooth Process

    We take a proactive approach to ensure you understand every aspect of your system and offer. Then a smooth process starts from paying the deposit to solar panel installation and after sales service.

One-Stop Solution

We would take care of every step in the installation process. We provide top solar brands in the market with a 10-year workmanship warranty and ensure your system of top-notch quality.

Solar Panel Systems In Your House
Solar Panel System Installation

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Our solar experts’ team will take care of everything, from selecting an appropriate system for you to post Installation requirements. We are always there!

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Lodge your solar system enquiry with us, and our dedicated solar specialists will tailor a unique solar system to your home and electricity usage.

Solar Panel Installation


We will match you with your very own installation team comprising of a CEC Accredited Installer & Designer, Electricians, Engineers and Installation Co-ordinator.

Solar Panel Installation


After installation, our back-office team will finalise all required paperwork for the connection of your solar system to the grid & register your warranties with inverter & panel manufacturer.

Solar Panel Installation


Get high-quality support for all your queries and problems and be ensured that we are merely a phone call away from making your solar investments secure and worthwhile.


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How Long Does a Solar System Installation Take?

On average it can take about 4-7 days to install a large solar panel system on a commercial roof. As for a residential installation, we can complete it within 2 days in accordance with the highest industry standard and causing minimal disturbance in your busy schedule. It is exactly this efficiency that has helped us become the country’s most reliable solar supplier and installer.

If you just cannot wait to get a solar system installed that too for the best price, you know who to call!

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