solar panels in brisbane

Solar Panels in Brisbane

Brisbane is among the best locations in Australia to enjoy solar energy. With excellent levels of sun exposure and Australia’s comparatively high-power prices, one can expect to see a tremendous return by way of savings on your energy bill. If you would be interested to see how much you can save with solar panels Brisbane, look no further than right here.

AYKA Solar has the expertise and experience to provide the absolute best in solar power, and will be with you for the entire of your solar journey to ensure you’re able to keep enjoying the advantages to the fullest.

Solar Installer Brisbane

AYKA Solar has been in the solar energy industry for a long time now, and we’re more than pleased to be the solar panel installer of choice for the people of Brisbane. We understand the different challenges posed by the Australian local weather better than most and use our expertise and experience to the fullest when deciding on what products we provide to our customers. Our installations come with a full ten-year workmanship warranty for all of our rooftop solar installations Brisbane. This ensures that you receive only the best for your solar panel installation and can rest easy knowing we only provide products from manufacturers with both a proven and well-established track record and support services for warranty claims available in Brisbane. We ensure that our customers are never left high and dry with damaged panels if something goes wrong. If you’d like a reliable solar installer Brisbane, who will provide you post-installation service, look no further than AYKA Solar.

Solar Company Brisbane

The solar energy industry is one place that may be tough to last long enough to earn your trust. Many solar companies Brisbane will come and go before they ever have the chance to prove themselves, leaving their customers with warranty or service needs without help or anybody to turn to. AYKA Solar is more than pleased to provide service for every doubt you have. May it be doubts before solar panel installation or post-installation services. This is something we won’t ever let our customers worry about. As a solar company Brisbane, AYKA Solar has always stood for their customers whenever they need us. And have been in the Australian solar panel installation business for years now. AYKA Solar is one of the reputable solar company Brisbane. We provide high-quality solar panels and inverters for our solar installations Brisbane.

Solar Panel Brisbane Packages

We now have a wide range of high-quality solar panel packages in Brisbane. These are well suited to various houses and energy requirements, and our skilled solar experts are more than pleased to advise you on which is more likely to be your best option for you and your house and which you can expect the most practical savings from. Alternatively, they will happily design a unique solar panel and system package suited to your house’s particular solar energy requirements with a free quote and site assessment. If you would like to know what specials and packages, we currently have available here, read below.

Solar System Brisbane

We are committed to providing high-quality solar solutions to our Brisbane customers. As one of the Australian-owned solar companies, all of our solar panel installation is compliant with Australian Standards and the Clean Energy Council guidelines. Considering the growing electricity prices in Brisbane, it is wise to move to solar power, a cost-effective alternative power resource that benefits the environment and your pockets. Whether you’re looking to make the switch to solar in your commercial or residential place, AYKA Solar is here to help you in every step of the way to becoming energy efficient.

We ensure that your every need is met with our high-quality solar system Brisbane. Contact us today and enquire about a customised solar system tailored to your needs via phone or email. We’re your go-to residential and commercial solar installer for all solar system Brisbane requirements.

Residential Solar

Commercial Solar

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Choose Our Best Pricing Plan


Choose Our Best , Reasonable Pricing Plan


Electricity bills up to $300 per quarter:
6.6 kW
  • 18 Panels x 370W= 6660W
  • Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality 5kW Inverter
  • 10 Years of Workmanship Warranty


Electricity bill between $300 – $500 per quarter:
9.9 kW
  • 27 Panels x 370W= 9990W
  • Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality 8kW Inverter
  • 10 Years of Workmanship Warranty


Electricity bill more than $500 per quarter:
13.3 kW
  • 36 Panels x 370W= 13,320W
  • Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality 10kW Inverter
  • 10 Years of Workmanship Warranty

Choose Our Best , Reasonable Pricing Plan

Small & Medium Businesses

39.2 kW
  • 106 Panels x 370W= 39,220W
  • Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality Inverter Up To 29.9kW
  • Dedicated Post-Installation Support

Large Corporations

57.7 kW
  • 156 Panels x 370W= 57,720W
  • Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality Inverter Up To 50kW
  • Dedicated Post-Installation Support

Power Guzzlers

99.9 kW
  • 270 Panels x 370W= 99,900W
  • Tier 1 Panels
  • Best Quality Inverter Up To 100kW
  • Dedicated Post-Installation Support

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