Our Projects

Solar Power Installation

Austpath Laboratories, Northmead,
NSW – 100kW

Efficient and reliable system installed at AUSTPATH LABORATORIES. 263 top quality REC 380W panels with German made SMA inverters.

Solar Power Installation

Northridge Church, Thornleigh,
NSW – 25kW

25kW system with reliable LONGI panels and European made FRONIUS inverter make a powerful combination.

Solar Power Installation

Martin’s Fruit World, Luddenham,
NSW – 40kW

A massive 40kW system with reliable Trina panels and a powerful 29.9kW Huawei inverter for Martin’s Fruit World.

Solar Power Installation

Swimtastic, Hornsby,
NSW – 38.7kW

Commercial solar installation of 38.7kW system for a client in Hornsby. A powerful combination of Longi Half cut mono crystalline 450W panels and 29.9kW Huawei inverter.

Solar Power Installation

Supreme Engineering, Blacktown,
NSW – 20kW

Our friends from Supreme Engineering are enjoying their new 20KW solar panel system – A powerful and efficient system with combination of Longi panels and Fronius inverter.

Solar Power Installation

Commercial Installation
– 22.2kW

A system of 22.2kW was installed using Trina 370W Half cell monocrystalline panels and an Austrian made Fronius inverter.

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