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Are you curious to know how Solar Power works? Is it for commercial or residential use? We have got you covered with your solar power needs. Experience how solar energy is changing the lives of millions of Australians and reducing their electricity bills in 2022.

Solar energy is a form of clean, green, renewable and cheap electricity. Implementing solar energy in your household or your business will result in enhancing the capability and efficiency of your energy production. 

Self-sufficiency is the key to hacking energy production and generation in Australia in 2022. Being dependent on the grid has posed several problems. In the past few months, the problems have only multiplied and made lives harder for the common man.

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Did you know that you can reduce your electricity bill by almost 90% by having a solar panel installed?

Yes, you heard me right. Solar panel installation can decrease your electricity consumption from the grid by almost 90%. By 2023, we won’t be surprised to see solar panels on every rooftop in Australia.

  • The data from the Clean Energy regulator showed that 2.68 million rooftops had installed solar panels in Australia in 2020. The number rose well above  3 million in 2021 and is expected to grow rapidly in 2022.
  • In general, solar-powered panels work on a simple principle. That is, converting sunlight for solar energy into usable electricity with the help of solar panels. Even though there is limited sunlight during the day, solar panels are efficient enough to capture the amount of sunlight that falls on them effectively. These renewable forms of energy can be used to power homes and businesses flawlessly.
  • The best part about employing solar energy is that you can customise it based on your requirements and need.


There has been a rapid increase in solar power in Australia and solar power is only rising day by day. The Australian government has set up a way to make renewable energy available for everyone in Australia by 2030. 



What is solar power?
What is your action plan to harness it?

If I have to put it in simple words, powering your house with the sun is solar power. How can you power your house with solar energy? There are multiple ways in which we can utilise the abundant power of the sun in our homes.  

Solar panel installation is the simplest and easiest way to harness the sun. Solar panels can be used to generate power for running appliances, hot water, water pumping, and equipment in your business, industry or home.


How can the dream of solar energy come true for every Australian household?

  • You must take steps to set up a solar power system. There is undoubtedly an amount of upfront cost required to cover the cost of solar installation.
  • With the interference of the government in renewable energy consumption, life is getting better. The involvement of science and technology has added more value to these solar panels and their efficiency up-gradation.
  • A typical solar system installation has become more affordable for every household with government rebates and great discounts from retailers.
  • Make a wish and dream of a solar home come true with AYKA Solar. The affordability of AYKA Solar makes it a saviour for every home. They make sure that the solar panel installation is a seamless experience for everyone with a variety of budgets, brands, unique scenarios and premises.


Solar Power in Australia is expanding, and so are the numerous possibilities and potentials. Different types of solar power systems are available in the market. There is always one that fits your home and your budget.

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