Solar Rebate Victoria

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Why does the government offer rebates for Solar?

The Australian federal government wants to achieve the target of 100% clean and green energy by 2050. For doing this the government offers homes and businesses certain incentives to set up solar systems. These incentives are given through STC, small-scale technology certificates, which you can use to reduce the cost of the system.

Solar Rebate Victoria
Solar Rebate Victoria

Will the rebates go down with time?

They will in fact reduce every year. This scheme started in 2017, and until 2030, the incentives will decrease by 1/15th every year. That means the current year is the best time to install solar panels to get the maximum out of the rebates.

What are Australian government Rebates?

The Australian government has the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme. Through this scheme, it gives out STC (Small-Scale Technology Certificates) to the property owners to pay towards their solar installation. Each certificate has a certain value.

Solar Rebate Victoria
Solar Rebate Victoria

What do you need to do to claim the rebates?

To claim the rewards you need to install solar PV panels and inverters from the list of CEC (Clean Energy Council) approved manufacturers. 

The installation company needs to be CEC accredited too

How much rebate will I get through the STC?

Depending on the size, expected life of the system and your zone you get a certain amount of money towards the installation of your solar system. Melbourne, Victoria is in zone 4. Let’s perform calculations for a certificate value of $37 each (This value can fluctuate). A  6.6 kW solar system in zone 4 will be eligible for 70 certificates. That means you will be able to save 70 X $37 = $2590for the entire system. 

Considering that the typical cost of a 6.6 kW system is about 6,000 to 9,000 you will be saving ~40% to 25%. 

This price is not exact, the price of each certificate and solar system fluctuates depending on the demand for those certificates and solar panel/ inverter supply. 

Solar Rebate Victoria
Solar Rebate Victoria

What are the VIC government incentives?

Just like the Australian government, the VIC government too is fully committed to renewable energy. To encourage people to convert to green energy, the VIC government offers generous incentives. 

VIC government’s Solar Homes Program aims to assist homeowners by providing rebates. VIC government’s Solar for Business Program offers businesses financial help to install solar electricity generation units. The Virtual Power Plant program offers incentives to buy a battery so that the whole community can act as a power plant. This helps reduce the peak demand, and better fluctuation management.

What is the VIC Solar Homes Program?

This program offers solar PV rebate for eligible households, rental properties, and Not-for-profit community housing providers. It gives upto $1400 towards purchasing a solar system. Additionally, the VIC government also offers no-interest loans besides the rebates. There are some solar battery rebates available too.

Solar Rebate Victoria
Solar Rebate Victoria

Who is eligible for the Solar Homes Program?

To be eligible, you must

  • Be the owner occupier of the property.
  • Have combined taxable income of less than $180,000 per year
  • Existing property value less than $3 million
  • Not have an existing solar PV system 

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Program

Under this pilot program, the VIC government wants to expand the power system to homes so that they can create and share power. The battery is a key element of this program. Government pays $4,174 to eligible people who join the program for purchasing a battery.

Solar Rebate Victoria Saving Money With Solar Umbrella
Solar Rebate Victoria

How do I claim these rebates?

Relax. The AYKA team does everything. We design the system to your unique needs, install it professionally, AND do all the paperwork for rebates. You don’t have to do a thing! You just pay us the cost of your system minus the rebates.

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Solar Rebate Victoria

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Solar Rebate Victoria

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