What Is A Tier – 1 Solar Panel?

Tier 1 solar panel

A Tier 1 solar panel is made by a manufacturer that has been rated as Tier 1 by a reputable independent PV industry analyst.

Solar Panel

Tier 1 is the highest (best) tier and the analyst who ranked it believes that the module manufacturer scores well on lots of criteria. Such as Experience, Financial position, manufacturing scale, Deployment scale, Durability & quality, Technical Performance, Vertical integration, Insurance and backing, Service, and support.

It is recommended to buy Tier 1 panels — as it is a simple way to filter out the junk being sold as “Top Quality”.

AYKA Solar stands amongst the leading installers of quality solar power systems across Australia. We are a Clean Energy Council member, and our installers are Clean Energy Council accredited. We provide solar panel system solutions to Australian homeowners. Over the last 7 years, our customers have benefited from their decision to invest in our solar products.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We aim to build a world class portfolio of solar energy assets and stand in the top 10 globally. We assure you to maintain the highest standards of quality and sustainability and act responsibly at all times. We offer a range of competitive financing solutions for our customers, including options for commercial and residential solar systems.

Solar Panel

We offer a range of competitive Solar Panel solutions for our customers, including options for commercial and residential clients. We provide a personalized design and installation service to suit the specific needs of each customer, while giving them the peace of mind of receiving a customized and high-quality solution. All our products meet Australian standard set and we offer a full 10-year workmanship warranty in all our installations.

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